I am glad it’s May!

It’s been an amazing last few months since November 2013.  My life, as I lived it, made huge change,s and believe me, I choose to live it better now that it’s spring, May, and the hope of summer to come.  I could list all the gory details here, but it really serves no purpose.  My circumstances, family health, mental and emotional well-being, and personal health were compromised big time>  By God’s amazing Grace, above my circumstances, I choose to reside.  Nothing is final but my beloved dachshund’s Dallas’s death is.  Looking at her little grave, seeing her in her cozy red blanket inside her little box curled on her side, I know she has crossed that rainbow bridge.  She was beautiful in spirit and giant in personality.  Fluctuating between 8 and 9 pounds, beset with cataracts, hearing loss, and finally renal failure, my sweet little mini piebald, loved her life, her humans, her soft bed, and heated blanket.  For 16 years she has greeted me, taken care of my boys, loved me, loved my husband, done magnificent tricks, and continue to delight me in every way.  I am 61 now and I cannot imagine raising another pup.  My husband has his two German Short hairs.  Yes, they are loving, obedient, and wonderful.  But, they are not Dallas.  She died on Monday, April 21.  It’s taken this long for me to write about her.  For all of you who have been blessed to have the unconditional love and correction of a pet, you will understand.  She has seen me through the difficulties of the last 6 months and all the years before.  Her tiny quizzical face received my tears of despair and she listened to me as I asked her to please hold on until our boy returned home from his deployments, and until he finished his military service. I asked her to please hold on until he made it home to California, as well as until after my husband’s back surgery, and until our marriage could be mended.  I asked her to wait to cross the  Rainbow Bridge until after Christmas when we would see our oldest son one more time.  Dallas, with a sweet kiss and a snuggle, agreed.  She couldn’t hold on for me to get well. This is a time in my life I will face some tough circumstances where she won’t be there to love me unconditionally through them.   For me, I have a strong commitment to Jesus Christ, His Word, and His promises.  I will rely on Him and His grace.  Dallas, i will always love you, my precious little one.  God was gracious to allow me this special time with you, and you were so wonderful to hold on for so long.  Rest and have fun playing in the tall grass over the Rainbow Bridge.